Norman Reedus Interview-Bombs Melissa McBride To Talk Daryl-Carol Love


Earlier today, I had the chance to catch up with Melissa McBride who plays Carol Peletier on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

During our conversation, we recapped this Sunday’s episode, “JSS,” so be sure to check back Sunday night for McBride’s perspective on the episode and what to expect going forward, but during our chat, we had a surprise guest: Norman Reedus.

While McBride and I were exploring the possible love interests for Carol and whether or not we’ll see more from her and Daryl in season six, McBride asked, “Want to ask him yourself?” As in, ask Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, whether we’ll see romance between Daryl and Carol. Check out the hilarious interview-bomb in the video below.

She handed Reedus the phone and he jumped on the opportunity to tell me, “I mean off-camera we’re pretty hot and heavy already, so it’ll probably bleed onto camera at some point.”

After a few laughs, Reedus added, “I can’t get her out of my trailer, you know what I mean?” The two seemed to be having a good time on set of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, and before McBride stole the phone away from him, Reedus added one last remark. “She’s a cute chick! You know what I mean? I’ve been making googly eyes at her since season one, it’s about time,” Reedus said before what sounded like a big kiss with lots of suction to it.



“Reedus said before what sounded like a big kiss with lots of suction to it.” 😉