You know who’s underappreciated?


Andromeda fucking Tonks

I mean

She grew up with Narcissa and Bellatrix and I’m sure that, despite their differences, she loved them. She was sorted into Slytherin house along with her sisters but fell in love with Ted Tonks, who was a muggle-born and practically everything her family despised.

She married Ted Tonks and got disowned by her family and while she had Ted now, she was cut off from the wealth of the Blacks and she had absolutely no family support.

She had Nymphadora and was happy with her husband and daughter. She saw her marry Remus Lupin and she had a lovely grandchild, Teddy, but then her husband was killed by a couple of Snatchers after he ran in order to protect himself from the people rounding up muggle-borns and her daughter and son-in-law both were killed by death eaters.

And now she’s left with only Teddy to live for and I mean, can we please just appreciate this strong BAMF woman who prevailed despite awful circumstances?