What’s with the hate people?

I feel I need to post this because of all the hate-asks that Beth fans have been sending Carol fans lately. Here’s the thing: Just because you’re a Beth fan doesn’t mean you have to hate on everyone else. You do realize that? Personally, I love Caryl. Not a big fan of Bethyl. Reason? I saw Beth more as a “daughter” or very much younger sister than a love interest. Going by what Norman has said about it, he seems to feel the same way, and that just convinces me more. Bethyl wasn’t canon; Nor is Caryl, but at least Caryl could still happen. Personally, I hope it does at some point. Non of this means that I hate Beth or would talk bad about her. I was sad when she died, just like you. So why are you being rude and talking bad about someone just because you prefer someone else? It’s ridiculously immature. Please stop the hate. Neither Norman, Emily nor Melissa would be happy with you if they saw what some of you so called fans say. I don’t think they’d want support from people who talk bad about their friends. I honestly don’t.