What did you mean about “I don’t know” is code for I’m in love with you but you’re taking forever? Thanks

Carol: He asked me to marry him.
Daryl: What? *makes WTF face*
Carol: Yeah. And a part of me wanted to just say yes right then.
Daryl: *staring at the sky looking miserable* Why didn’t you?
Carol: I don’t know. I wanna help out. Take my time, you know?
Daryl: *tries to make

eye contact

with Carol* You want me to stay here with you?
Carol: No. *changes positions and cuddles up next to Daryl, head on sholder and holding his arm*
Daryl: *leans head against Carol’s head*

When Daryl asks Carol why she didn’t say yes to Ezekiel she says “I don’t know” and then talks about wanting to “help out” – what she means is she wants to take over the Sanctuary from Daryl becuase she knows Daryl is miserable there. The thing is, the conversaiton she overhears where Daryl tells Rick he doesn’t want to be at the Sanctuary anymore is AFTER the proposal. So what was her real reason? They definitely made it seem like she cares a lot more about Daryl than Zeke.