to people who say the end of Angels Take Manhattan wasn’t that sad:


do you even watch this show?


it was the worst departure of them all.

Maybe not for you if you liked Rose or Martha or Donna the most. But it was absolutely the worst for the Doctor!

With Rose and Martha and Donna: he loved them all in different ways but they were companions, friends, maybe even romantically like with Rose (who i LOVED)…

But this was his little Amelia Pond.

He knew her as a little girl, carried her to bed and tucked her in. Was there when she was a young rebellious teenager. Watched her grow up right before his eyes. Watched her fall in love. Shared the best times with her. Went to her wedding. Married her daughter. 

Rory and Amy and River are the first family he’s had since he lost his fist family in the Time War.

And now his little Amelia is gone. Did you not hear that anguish and desperation in his voice when he yelled “NO!”

If that didn’t break your heart at least a little… idk..