Someone said though that with what Carol says at the end to Zeke kinda ruins the whole Caryl scene… What did you think?

Hmmm, I don’t know.
The issue is that the scene at the end was so forced and OOC it was just
stupid. It almost felt like “fake Carol” from season 6. I don’t think it’s
supposed to be, I think it’s supposed to be real, but it doesn’t work. There’s
just nothing there and even Melissa had to over-act slightly in that scene to try and
sell it (and still didn’t manage to). But I do see why someone would say that,
because of one line she gives about having a home she wants to get back to
(meaning the Kingdom). On the other hand, she’s saying that after Ezekiel
starts apologizing for pushing too hard (the proposal) and talks about how it
feels like she’s running away, making Carol feel bad, so like… maybe she’s
just trying to make him feel better? LOL!

Honestly, I do believe
it’s for some stupid reason meant to be this whole “woohoo we’re so in
love”-thing, but then there’s this Caryl scene where she’s all about making
sure Daryl is happy rather than Ezekiel (and Daryl looking like someone punched
him in the stomach), so rather than saying Caryl is ruined by the scene at the
end, I’d say that the Caryl scene ruins the believability of the Carol and
Ezekiel romance.