The picture Norman posted of him and JDM where Melissa was cropped out by the person he reposted the picture from has around 1300K comments. From those, around 50 comments are from people asking about Melissa. From those 50 comments, more than a half are with heart emojis and the smiling face emojis, which means they aren’t “freaking out” and “losing their shit” over it.

Norman posted the other picture with Melissa (thanks Norman for the new content btw) because he wanted to. Not because he was “forced by those mean people who kept commenting on his picture threatening him and he felt so scared poor baby *sobs for Norman, protect him at all costs*”.

I swear to god, stop being pathetic yo. Melissa haters like to say Melissa stans are ridiculous and freak out over everything, but what I see is Melissa haters always having a meltdown if Norman do as much as @ her name. Jesus.