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Name | Elinor

Nicknames | Nona

Zodiac sign | Libra

Height | 177cm

Orientation | Pansexual

Nationality | Swedish

Favorite fruit | Clementines and strawberries

Favorite season | Summer

Favorite book | Probably any Harry Potter book

Favorite flower | Rose

Favorite scent | Wood/rain/fall… did that make sense?

Favorite color | Lime green

Favorite animal | Tiger

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Hot cocoa

Average sleep hours | Eh, like 2-12 LOL #insomnia

Cat or dog person | Can I be a hamster person?

Favorite fictional character | Basically any strong, independent and interesting female, like River song and Carol Peletier. 

Number of blankets you sleep with | One huge duvet (”comforter”)

Dream trip | Probably Hawaii or some fancy island. 

Blog created | May 2011

Number of followers | 165. Should I have more by now? Whatever. Love you all! <3