Seriously, though.  Melissa McBride could have chemistry with a doormat.  She’s just that talented and neither we nor TIIC over at TWD deserve her.  Just saying.


And before anybody goes off and tries to say I’m jumping the Caryl ship for the engineless dinghy, no way in Hell, lovelies.  No way in fuckin’ Hell. 

Carol, at the very core of who she is, cares. 

She tries to hide behind the armor of her many masks, but she just cares so damn much at the very heart of her.  And good, genuine people–a dwindling reality in the world they live in–just died.  A lot of good, genuine people. Their leader, who has shown her nothing but kindness, feels responsible and is falling apart.  He’s lost his last real link to the man he was before the world went to absolute rot in Shiva and he’s grieving.  Of course, she’s going to show him compassion in an effort to reach him because he’s in a black hole of despair that she’s intimately familiar with and recognizes.   

As someone who’s been there, someone who pretends every day so she doesn’t dwell in that darkness and let it consume her, yeah.  She reaches out to him.  As a caring human with a heart too big and giving to be hidden completely or even forever. 

So, no.  I didn’t read any romantic subtext in those scenes and I genuinely don’t think I was supposed to, even though Melissa is a chemistry magnet and Khary is charismatic as all hell. 

It’s been a day and a half since she said goodbye to Daryl.  A day and a half since she hugged him goodbye with the knowledge that the world they’re surviving in is a cruel, cruel place that takes and takes and takes until there is nothing good left.  And there’s no guarantees.  They’re at war, after all.  They might not see each other again.  It’s just what happens.  She’s known this since her little girl disappeared in those Georgia woods.  So she’s a raw nerve underneath those defenses of hers, that act.  And this person that has shown her kindness, these people have been dealt a devastating blow, she wants, no she needs them to regroup and keep going because it’s what she’s done from the very beginning.  Kept going and learned to adapt and it’s why, as she told him, she’s still standing. 

Emotions are running high.  The losses are piling up.  But I don’t feel like she was reaching out to this man as a potential romantic partner.  I truly don’t.  I feel like she was opening up one of her own wounds in an effort to return the favor to a man struggling as she was when she sought sequester at that little house on the Kingdom outlier.  Trying to pull him back from the brink because if she doesn’t, well.  They all need to have something to believe in, don’t they?  That’s the very essence of hope and without it, why are they even fighting a war? 

If their hope keeps folding, person by person, how are the people that have engrained themselves on her heart–Rick and Maggie and the rest of Team Family and yes, Daryl–going to have a chance at making it?  They’re the reason she’s fighting.  They’re the reason behind every move she makes–these people she loves and all those she’s loved and lost–and you’re going to have a hard time convincing me otherwise. 

One month of limited interaction trumps two years of shared experiences and heartbreak?  See how ridiculous that even sounds? 

Anyway.  What I took from tonight’s show is that Carol could and maybe someday will be a leader. 

And Melissa McBride?  Is an absolute master at her craft that should already have at least 3 or 4 Emmy awards sitting on a shelf of honor in her home.  Nobody touches me or makes me cry as much as she does, y’all.  Nobody. 

Hopping off my soapbox now and going off in search of more positive things.  Like all the gif-sets and beautiful words about one of the most uber-talented and adorable people on the freaking planet.

Later, lovelies.     

Caryl on as always.