Norman Reedus on Talking Dead.

Okay yeah I’m not hearing this as a mother/son thing. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice of words, but I get what he means.
It’s the feeling of being abandoned by someone you love, and unfortunately the example he picked was mom. But honestly, if NR viewed Carol and Daryl as mother and son, he’d play Daryl soo differently when it comes to Carol.
And he’s said in previous interviews that he doesn’t view it as a mother/son thing.
I have not lost faith in our ship you guys. They would not have brought us (and these two characters) THIS FAR to have them be like “love you Carol you’re basically my mom”. No no.


Norman can’t just outright say that Caryl is going canon, because his
bosses would fire him. He doesn’t view Caryl as a mother/son relationship. Like ginger-zombie said it was only picked as an example for the situation. It wasn’t to say that’s how he views their relationship. He knows how
much that upsets Melissa to say that they have a mother/son relationship. I agree that Norman would never play Daryl the way he does if he viewed them as a mother/son relationship. Interviews I’ve watched and articles I’ve read, Norman is very clearly a Caryl supporter. He always has been.