Reedus Bombs McBride Interview: “I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Trailer”


Brandon Davis: “If, if you were writing the show, who would you want Carol to…you know fall in love with, would it be Daryl?“ 

Melissa McBride: “Um i don’t really think in those terms..theres a lot of stuff going on…" 


Brandon Davis: “That’s true. There’s definitely a lot of….” 

Melissa McBride: “Here you want to ask him?" 

Brandon Davis: "What’s that?" 

Melissa McBride: "Hold on a minute? Hold on? You wanna ask, you wanna ask Norman?" 

Brandon Davis: "Sure" 

Norman Reedus: "Hello?" 

Brandon Davis: "Norman?" 

Norman Reedus: "Yeah" 

Brandon Davis: "What’s up dude, it’s Brandon with" 

Norman Reedus: "Are you underwater? I can barely hear you!" 

Brandon Davis: "Am I underwater? Yeah I am in a fishtank…No I just got you on speaker here”   

Norman Reedus: “Ohhhh" 

Brandon Davis: "So, I just asked, just asked Melissa you know, are you guys gonna be falling in love the season? Are we actually gonna see it?" 

Norman Reedus: "You mean on camera or off-camera?” 

Brandon Davis: “Why not both?" 

Norman Reedus: "I mean off-camera we’re pretty hot and heavy already, so it will probably lead on to camera at some point." 

Brandon Davis: "Cool, i’m into it man. I’m into that." 

Norman Reedus: "I can’t get her out of my trailer you know what I mean?…hardcore!" 

Brandon Davis: Dude, well hey man…I don’t blame you, you know. She’s a badass." 

Norman Reedus: "She’s a cute chick, you know what I mean!" 

Brandon Davis: "Yeah, I mean you’re not gonna not!" 

Norman Reedus: "I’ve been, I’ve been making the googly eyes at her since…Season 1…it’s time, you know what I mean” 

Brandon Davis: “That’s true, that’s true. How is Season 6 treating you?”

Norman Reedus: “Ok, she’s taking the phone away from me….Bye, nice to talk to you!”


Brandon Davis: “Allright, I’ll talk to you later man." 

Melissa McBride: "Hey" 

Brandon Davis: "Hey" 

Melissa McBride: "That’s silly." 

Brandon Davis: "See you guys don’t have any fun on set, ha?”

Melissa McBride: “No we have no fun on set." 

Brandon Davis: "Strictly business." 

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