Caryl is canon.

They haven’t kissed yet.

They haven’t said “I Love You” in those exact words.

They haven’t slept together yet.

But the trailer very specifically chose two monumental Caryl scenes for Daryl’s “final” thoughts, and that tells me everything.  He loves her.  She’s his person.  She’s what he has to live for.  She’s what he’s leaving behind if he dies.  

Imagine, Rick and Michonne have found their person.  They have just started their lives together, and they think of one another, of THEIR children, of their family.  

Carol is Daryl’s family, and he hasn’t gotten to tell her that yet.  He hasn’t gotten to tell her how much he cares, how he loves her, and that’s the tragic part.  He must be thinking “will she ever know?  Does she know how I feel about her?”

The next reunion is going to be epic.  I think that’s why it’s been pushed back as far as it has into the season.  

I’m crossing my fingers and predicting romantic-canon by the end of Season 7.