Best day ever. Met Matt and Alex today. Didn’t die. Triumph!

I was very flustered when we got to the photo booth because they were pushing us through so fast that it was hard to even get a hello in. I managed to run past them both straight to the chair to put my bag on. The first thing I said to Alex was “one moment please” and that’s very embarrassing but at least it was polite, right? Matt also said he liked my dress and my friend nandierae’s fiery hair before we were ushered off.

The panels were very long and I needed to pee very badly. I got a couple of decent videos which I will upload when the app allows it.

I also got a very blurry picture of Alex with the portrait I did for her. I had to hide my phone and it was very out of focus. We had a good 3 minute conversation about painting and she says she wants me to keep doing it because it’s something I’m good at, even though it’s not what I want to pursue as a career. She also said that, like for me, painting is more therapeutic and just something she loves to do. So much love for this incredible woman.