*hugs for all my fellow Caryl shippers*

I know there has been a lot of fighting over the last few days.  I’ve seen posts (jokingly, I hope) talking about needing different names for the different types of Caryl shippers in the fandom, but the thing is, none of that matters.  

We call ourselves Caryl shippers because we love Daryl and Carol together.  We love the banter, the lingering looks, the support, the caring and the HUG between them.  We appreciate that they are each others person.  We are all one in the same in that we love their dynamic and enjoy when they are together on our screens.

It doesn’t matter if you have lost some hope, or if you are a complete optimist, if you love Carol with all your heart and soul, or if Daryl is your favorite.  It doesn’t matter if you dislike the writing and question where they have taken Carol’s character, or Daryl’s.  It doesn’t matter if you hated the Tobin kiss, or were happy that Carol found some comfort.  None of that matters.

If you call yourself a Caryler, then you are one.  Simple as that.  Don’t let anyone dictate to you if you are a “good” shipper, or a “bad” one.  There is no such thing.  If you fly the Caryl flag, then you are welcome on the ship.