Melissa’s panic attack rumours update




So I saw that lots of people were concerned about Melissa having a panic attack on Saturday during the London convention AND I would like to say that it really is just a rumour!

She is totally fine, Norman was just being sweet accompanying her outside. I know this because I was working with her all weekend long. She was one of the only (I actually would say the ONLY) members of the cast that not only came EARLY to her autographs signings but also stayed AN HOUR LONGER every single day so as many people could meet her as physically possible! She was on her feet ten hours a day like a champ and the hall was getting really hot at the balcony where we were all day so naturally she NEEDED SOME FRESH AIR.  

Her and Norman had their break together and it is super hard to get around the con even with security and all that and they create always the biggest buzz among people so going together saved them from having to relocate twice with the security!

So yeah, just thought people might want to know!

Bless you for setting the record straight. Also. So freaking cute of them. 

I just like that they felt they had to duck walk together. 🙂