Melissa McBride Appreciation Week – day 7:

I just ripped the whole interview apart because I could not decide on one particluar moment. I just adore these two and their friendship and I think the interview shows that Norman just adores our Queen as much as we do…

Just some snippets:

“Hi sweetheart” 

“Did you just like each other from the start back in season 1?” – “What makes you think we do now?” – Hahaha…I love her facial expressions at this one and Normans reaction

“He’s like a bull in a china shop…..sometimes..yeah……no…uhm…he is..very playful, he is very physical…uuhm..he takes me by suprise (the look again :D) … he is funny and he has a couple of characters that kind of creep up every once in a while…….”

“I love everything about Melissa … yeah, everything about her, instantly I liked her…”