Morgan: Wasn’t just me. Rick came looking, too. Daryl, some of the others… they would’ve. They were gone before they even knew about you.

Carol: Gone?

I’m kinda reminding you guys this. Here’s the quote from Morgan in s6 finale. He mentioned Daryl. I also think Lennie James is also a Caryler. So..I don’t think Carol/Morgan will happen. I mean, why Morgan mention Daryl?

I think that was an indication of who is important to Carol

Also, note that she responds with the same world that she used when Rick told her Daryl had “left”^^with Merle in season 3 when he returned from Woodbury without him. 6 isn’t available here in any way right now (as they hope to boost sales of the DVD in November by making it unavailable over the summer), but her tone of voice would be interesting?