Let me make sure I’ve got this right…

So instead of staying in bed with “her man” who she nearly lost today and who proposed to her (and whom she rebuffed), she is:

– walking around at night

– telling her “close friend” how she finds it annoying that “her man” sleeps like a baby

– giving her highest praise of “her man” as “corny is really nice” after being with an abusive man for years. Not, “I love him,” not “I was so worried when he almost died and I can’t lose him,” but “corny is really nice.”

– telling her “close friend” that “her man” proposed and she said it with a tone as if telling bad news

– admitting that she doesn’t know why she didn’t say yes, but then giving the nonsensical answer that she “wanted to help out and take my time” (where she rebuffed the proposal long before she heard how unhappy Daryl was at the Sanctuary)

– snuggling up to her “close friend”

And we’re supposed to believe that Carol is madly in love with Zeke? Hmmmmm…