So Christmas is coming round again this year, and I love posting people things, so I have decided this year that if you want me to, I will post you a card!

– I will post to anywhere, I don’t mind paying the postage
– BUT you have to be comfortable sending me your first name and your address (If you live with your parents please check with them first)
– also you have to be following me (kissmekingston) to qualify

To qualify, reblog this post and send me a message with your name and address. Also if you would like me to send you a card for another type of religious festival instead (i.e Hanukkah or Yule) please include this in your message.

I only plan to send out a maximum of 20 cards so if you are not successful I apologise and I will be sure to message you and let you know.

And even if you are not interested or not comfortable giving out your address PLEASE REBLOG AND SPREAD THE WORD

Thank you