We lost. The sad thing is we were winning an hour ago and then plummeted. I really wish we could have done this for Alex and show Doctor Who how much we want her back and how she could do a spinoff.

Thank you to the Kinglets who really tried this morning. I know some of us were up late or up early. I was voting during my morning commute and I know I wasn’t the only one getting in those last votes. 🙂

Congratulations to the Rose fans! You did a great job at rallying in the last howe will announce during the current episode they will announce how fandoms favorite companion is rose if you win the final.

That will be a great feeling for the fans of whoever wins.

I wouldn’t say congratulations to bots, so I’m not gonna agree with the last part of this post. However, WELL DONE Kinglets. I’m so proud of you. You all did your best and never sunk to their level. We got so close and we can walk away heads held high knowing that we almost did it without cheating and by supporting each other. Shame we didn’t get the win that Alex and River deserved.