Sending fan mail to Alex Kingston:

Alex Kingston is at Curtis Brown. Curtis Brown also have a useful page of do’s and don’ts re: actors’ fan mail. New address will be:

Alex Kingston
c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd
Haymarket House
28-29 Haymarket
London SW1 4SP
United Kingdom

You’ll need to mark the envelope as “FAN MAIL”.

If you do not live in UK, add several* International Reply Coupons. The International Reply Coupons (IRC) will be used by the receiver to purchase english stamps. You can only get them at your post office. Place the IRCs into the envelope, not on it. For more information on reply coupons click here. *For information on postage prices to receive a letter from UK click here.

Thank you to everyone who provided this info.

And not my image.

Thanks, but what do you do if you live in a country where they don’t sell International Reply Coupons? 🙁 Sweden don’t sell them any more due to low demand.