In regards to the spoilers – my thoughts

Spoilers about the next episode (6×14) under the cut. 

* Character death

* Kissing

* What could this mean for Caryl?

OK, so major spoiler about a character

death is out. Denise will die. It seems like it’ll be by an arrow from Daryl’s crossbow (shot by Dwight). So what does this mean?

Well, Carol and Daryl will have scenes on their own together in 15 is the spoilers are correct. Will Daryl’s guilt over Denise bring Carol back? When she feels like has to be there for him, will the mask go away? Will they talk about all the things that are hurting them at the moment? Episode 15 is probably the only chance of Caryl going canon in season 6. Since she quickly kisses Tobin-who again in episode 14, we really only have episode 15 left (since it’s very doubtful we’ll get any Caryl scenes in the final).

So will Denise have to die for us to get Caryl? Is that happening? I love Denise, so I’m super sad about the fact that we lose her on Sunday. I just hope something good comes from it. Definitely looks like our only chance this season, Carylers. 

What do you guys think?