I’m so angry right now. The drops River are having of .2% in 2 seconds, only a few minutes after 0.4 in less than 1 minute are impossible.



IMPOSSIBLE statistically, without using a vote bot. So whatever Rose fans have decided to CHEAT to win. Stop it. Play fair. 

Hope the Radio Times notices and does something.

Actually, it’s just Radio Times deleting bot votes. There were a ton from last night from River.

There’s weren’t. I was up all night and saw the climb. There were NO bots. The climb was steady, the Americans were up voting. She didn’t climb more than like 0.01% every 3-5 minutes which is completely normal. The radio times haven’t deleted anything. 

Rose fans have been boting for days around this hour so it’s nothing new. I just hoped it would have been blocked by now.