I see you’ve gotten a lot of questions, thanks for answering! I have one too if you don’t mind. I want to believe the Caryl stuff means something but from the look of spoilers it doesn’t make sense! Why would Carol be struggling if she clearly loves Ezekiel and is going to marry him (we know she does, she was wearing the ring and in second time jump has the awful wig with zeke) I guess my question is your feeling about the scene or scenes is that there is still something between Caryl or not.

I believe they’re
trying to sell a love story between Carol and Ezekiel, but they are failing
miserably. They’re smart enough to understand that Caryl sells, so they’re
still doing Caryl moments. The main issue with this is that the Caryl moments don’t work
with the other story (that Carol and Ezekiel are a happy
couple), so they’re basically telling two stories at once and Carol is two
different characters… again. Because why did Daryl
look so miserable when talking to Carol about her and Ezekiel if there’s
nothing between them? Him staring at the sky looking like he’s trying no to cry when she says part of
her wanted to say yes to Ezekiel is canon. That’s in the episode and the story forever. They
decided to do it that way. Why?

What I don’t
understand more than anything is why they’re trying to push Carol and Ezekiel
in the first place… It’s clearly not working and they’re still trying to push Caryl at the same time. So WHAT’S THE POINT? Making people care about Zeke before he gets killed off? Setting up Carol so that she’ll have some sort of personality change when Zeke dies? What’s the end goal? Because it sure isn’t to bring in more viewers, nor to kill Caryl.