I have to admit that it “seems” like Daryl is bummed about Carol and zeke. It would be an awesome storyline if Carol was confused and even took the kings ring but obviously still felt things about Daryl but she still can’t be with Daryl because she loves him too much. Just like why she left Alexandria. Don’t see how this is all going to work. It almost makes it seem like this scene shows she didn’t say yes partly because of Daryl. ??‍♀️ Will be interesting to hear MMBs take on it.

I’m convinced they have to say “oh Carol and Ezekiel are super happy together” because of contract. After all, that’s the story they’re oficially trying to sell apparently. Like I said, it makes no sense that they’re telling two very different stories for Carol in the same episode. And Daryl’s reaction literally makes no sense if he doesn’t have feelings for her. Based on spoilers they’re taking the Carol and Ezekiel path for way too long, but again – what’s the end goal with that? Is it just a plot point during season 9 to put Carol in a specific place? Or maybe to put Daryl in a specific place? It’ll be interesting to see if I decide to keep watching.