I have a hard time believing Carol waits 6 whole years to search for Daryl. I just can’t wrap my head around this. Soulmates eh? Pffft. Why now? If she’s been happily married and living her best life without him. I’ve come to think she doesn’t feel about Daryl the way he feels about her :( do have any theories on her looking for/finding Daryl in Ep7?

I haven’t read that much about the next couple of episodes, but based on these things that seem to be pretty factual at this point:

1. Daryl leaves the group and lived in the wild.

2. Carol goes looking for Daryl.

3. Daryl rejoins the group after Carol finds him.

The two most logical stories to me are:

1. She did look for him. Many many times over the years since he left. And she won’t give up which is why she goes out looking again even though he’s been gone for 6 years. She just won’t give up on him.


2. He lives in the wild, won’t tell them exactly where, but is keeping in touch with them somehow.