I don’t know guys… but at least Daryl and Carol stayed next to each other pretty much the whole first 2/3 of the episode (you know… minus the shit show in the last 1/3…). They were clearly gravitating towards each other throughout the fight. I’m ok with that. It was honestly more than I expected. Yes, there was A LOT wrong with this episode, but at least we have confirmation that Daryl and Carol still glue themselves to each other when they’re out fighting and not in the “safety” of whatever-communitys-walls. Now I know, I know, Carol goes to the Kingdom because of Henry and Daryl is all kinds of fucked up (but I mean, when Carol’s not there to set him straight when has he ever not been fucked up… think about it…). We’ll see y’all. Filming starts soon. I’m personally gonna keep an eye on that and then make my mind up about if they’ve fucked up beyond repair or not.