I adore Melissa as much as Daryl adores Carol. It’s great every time we get to do stuff together. I think it’s pretty certain that they’ll run into each other again, hopefully. But they’re on different paths right now. Carol’s doing her own thing. She’s running away from the violence and the killing and doesn’t want to be a part of it, and Daryl wants to rip Negan’s and Dwight’s faces off, so they’re running in two different directions. It’s great when Melissa and I have scenes together. I just like hanging out with her. I think she’s great, and doing anything with her is fun.

Norman Reedus, IGN, 11/6/16

IGN: I do want to talk to you a little bit about Daryl and
Carol, two of my very favorite characters on the show – especially
together, largely because you and Melissa McBride have such good
chemistry. Obviously they have been sent on very separate storylines and
changed a lot since they were last together. So assuming Daryl gets out
of the Savior’s compound, what are you most looking forward to in a
reunion between those two characters? Do you think, if they do see each
other again, they’ll be as good a support system for one another
considering how much they have changed?