His Wishes Keep Coming True!


True Story

Norman Reedus: “Carol? I’d nail her for sure" 

The Writers: “Okay Norman, let’s test the waters slowly!" 


Carol: "Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around?" 


Norman Reedus: "Pookie is term of affection" 

The Writers: "Okay Norman, we are putting it in a CARYL scene.


Carol: "Sorry Pookie" 


Norman Reedus: "I want romance to be awkward…" 

The Writers: "Okay Norman, we are gonna have you throw a jug of water at Carol" 


Carol: "NOPE” 


Norman Reedus: “The more people want me to take a shower or cut my hair the more I don’t wanna" 

The Writers: "It has to be a CARYL scene!” 


Carol: “Take a shower or I’ll hose you down in your sleep" 


Norman Reedus: "CARYL, we don’t have to make out to be who we are…it’s gotta be done right…" 

The Writers: "So CARYL coming in Season 6 then…? Yup!" 

[Insert CARYL Image Here From Season 6 When Available]


Daryl:……Nailed it….