He’s the kind of guy that sort of needs a hug, but he doesn’t want anyone to watch you giving him a hug. And if you offer him a hug, he’ll probably stab you.

Norman Reedus


Nobody ever took Daryl for the kind of guy who would necessarily like being hugged, or give other people hugs, especially with other people watching. But you know what?

He did all of that with Carol. 

And you know what else he did that he never, ever does?

Drop his guard.

He knew that the cannibals were probably on their trail. He knew that hordes of walkers could be approaching. But he didn’t care when he saw Carol because all that mattered to him was getting her in his arms as soon as possible. 

And that’s huge for Daryl. He’s not the kind of guy that lets people hug him, let alone give hugs, but with Carol, he is. 


He’s not one to drop his guard, even when he’s in a relatively safe environment, but with Carol, he does – and in a dangerous environment. He has never done any of this for anyone else – but Carol’s the exception. 


She’s the one he runs to, she’s the one that brings him to cry tears of joy for the first time, she’s the one that he wants to cling to and not let go (he doesn’t let go until she starts to pull away), and she’s the one that makes him get so overwhelmed that he does this huge display of intimacy and affection in front of eleven other people. 


This is a side of him that only Carol is capable of bringing out. Pretty much the entire group sees Daryl, the guy they think of as tough and gruff, completely melt in Carol’s arms. And it’s Carol that can break this façade of his by simply being alive – only Carol.

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