Hello :) I shouldn’t pitch in ’cause I like to stay out of it, but: Your post about Bethylers and how people need to stop bullying THEM is confusing to me. I’ve NEVER posted anything mean about Bethyl on my blog but I still receive hate asks from Bethylers JUST because I’m a Caryler several times a week. Usually stating I’m an idiot and that Melissa is an “ugly old bitch”. Not a week goes by that I don’t. I just choose to ignore it and not post it, and I’m FAR from alone. :/ So… yeah. :(


Okay. I’m not getting into a back and forth because I’m not going to war on my Tumblr. I said what I have to say, I’m not blocking anyone, so reblog it and speak your piece there. As to posting a ton of messages from Carylers who feel the need to shout “but I never did that!” isn’t gonna happen on my blog.

You’ve missed the point.
Nowhere in my post did it call out all Caryl shippers, now did it? Are you insinuating that what musethedead, dicapito, and their group does is okay because some
Bethylers act out? Really? Hate the entire group? Well by that
logic, we can hate all Carylers for the mishaps of a few. Fair is fair.
Once again, using your own logic against you. And obviously what dicapito and others like her does is accomplishing nothing in the fight to protect
Carol if you’re still getting anons anyway, now is it? The
‘bully the whole group’ mentality they have accomplishes nothing in the
way of making fandom better, which was the point.

Also, I’m having a really hard time believing you’re just some innocent person being hounded by teh evol Bethylers for absolutely zero reason. Uh, no, sorry, not buying that LOL It’s odd. Carylers accuse Bethylers of sending themselves anon hate and then accusing Carylers, but here I’ve noticed you guys doing the same thing. Your receipts are anon messages that could just as easily be you sending yourself anon hate and accusing Bethylers of doing it. Anyway, I’ve spoken my piece. I hope that others in fandom will read what I had to say about the vile, toxic few that I tagged and open their eyes to the hate they’ve spread.

Everything you say proves my point. You can lash out on people who don’t ship Bethyl and are rude about it, but refuse to see that some Bethylers do (and have always done) the exact same thing to people in other ships for no reason at all. You also seem to be perfectly fine with Bethylers acting in any way they want no matter how much they bully someone, but no one can say anything to them. It has to go both ways. NO ONE should do that shit to ANYONE. This is how it’s been since I joined this fandom and the only thing I’ve learned is that it won’t change. People live to hate on random fans who ship anything other than what they do not matter if they’ve done anything towards them or not. It’s utter bullshit that people can’t be more mature than that. I’m obviously on the receiving end from (a lot of) Bethylers, while some Bethylers are on the receiving end of other shippers. I’m NOT one of them, yet I still get shit in my inbox every week. That says a lot in my opinion.

I never said that I get anon messages, I said I get asks. I’d say about 75% are anon, the rest are not so it’s not exactly difficult to figure out who sends them. Your statement about Carylers sending hate to themselves is ridiculous. If you truly believe that, you should also believe that Bethylers are doing the exact same thing. And in that case I guess no one is doing anything to anyone?! It’s just not what is happening in this fandom (unfortunately, ‘casue that would solve a lot of issues ;)).

And BTW, saying “I’m having a really hard time believing you’re just some innocent person being hounded by teh evol Bethylers for absolutely zero reason. Uh, no, sorry, not buying that LOL” is the same as saying “you deserve to be bullied ‘cause I believe you may have said something bad to someone at some point”. It’s the WORST thing to say to someone being bullied and by doing so you are just supporting the bullys. FACT: I’ve said nothing to them. I don’t respond to them. I don’t post hate about Beth or Bethyl. They’re still messaging me weekly. I’m being bullied by Bethylers – FACT. You seem to be perfectly ok with that, but again, apparently they are allowed to according to you. Apparently them bullying people is justified. Sorry, but that’s not how the world works. If you’re ok with them bullying, you have no right to complain abut anyone else doing it. NO ONE should bully ANYONE.

I’m not tagging Bethyl, but if any Bethyler finds this, know this: I don’t care what you ship – I’m gonna keep shipping Caryl because it makes me happy, and I hope shipping Bethyl makes you happy, too. I don’t think all of you send people hate. What I do know is that a lot of different Bethyl blogs send me hate on a weekly basis, and I’m not the only one who gets those messages. There are bad eggs on all sides, and pretending that there isn’t or trying to validate acting like a jerk “because he/she did this/that” is NOT being clever or mature. It’s being just as bad as that other person. 

To all Bethylers, Carylers, -whatevers- who have never sent anyone hate: Thank you for being normal fucking grow-up people.