Had the weirdest, saddest, but also kinda awesome Caryl, dream about the end of The Walking Dead that I want to share with you.

For some
reason the group had to split up to fight a huge amount of walkers and they
were all gonna meet up outside this church/tower/massive clock thing (kinda
like big ben, but smaller and obv. not big ben, and more like a church… anyway).
They were supposed to meet at midnight. (It had a very “end of
Angel”-style to it – the whole splitting up and meeting up later if you
were still alive thing.) Daryl arrived at midnight but no one else had made it
there yet. He was facing the clock and heard something behind him. It was a
walker – Maggie.  He shot her in the head
with his crossbow. Then things went to shit. One by one the rest of the group
turned up as walkers and he would put out them down as they came closer. When
most had shown up, walker-Carl emerged from the darkness and he put him down,
too. He went to pick up his arrow and as he did he heard another walker next to
him. As he pulled the arrow out of Carl’s head, he turned and used the arrow to
stab whoever was next to him (all in one awesome Daryl-style move). It was
Rick. Also very much a walker-as he already knew, and he finally started
crying. He pulled the arrow out from Rick’s head and just a few seconds later Judith,
who was now around 4 years old, started walking towards him. She had turned,
too. He took his knife out to put her down but he just couldn’t do it. He held
her at arms-length with one hand and kept the knife raised in the other. It was
very much like the Merle situation, but without the shoving. He just couldn’t
put her down. Then suddenly *bang* – someone shot Judith in the head. He looked
up and Carol was standing a short distance away. He ran to her 5×01 reunion
style and they just hugged and cried for a bit. Then they saw a massive amount
of walkers coming towards them and Carol asked what they should do. She
commented on the fact that everyone else was dead, that only they were left –
like she was asking if it was still worth to fight. He just looked at her and
said “we start over – for now, we run”. And then they started
running. Then suddenly they were in a field during the day, holding each other,
and a chopper was above them. They looked pretty much the same but there was
one major difference that told me a few years had passed – Daryl was holding a
small child. About 2 years old. A guy was lowered from the chopper. He looked
at them for a while, got a black marker out and said. “Number 28” and
wrote #28 on Carol’s forehead, “number 29” and wrote #29 on Daryl’s
forehead, “number 30” and wrote #30 on the child’s forehead. Then he
looked at them again and said “Welcome to the survivors.” Daryl and
Carol looked at each other for a second, shared a quick kiss, and then Daryl
turned to the little boy in his arms and said: “We made it, Rick. We made

…and then I
woke up. :O