I just love this so much, how he skids to stop like a hockey player trying to avoid the goalie. He ran in THAT fast and and managed in the few seconds there to grab her hand and look her over to make sure she was in fact okay.

(gif by @wicked-chocolatine)

That out of breath “you alright” he was worried no doubt about it. I mean watch him look her completely over be he relaxes his posture a bit. I mean how many times have we seen Daryl react like this when it comes to Carol. How many times does he have to prove how important she is to him? I don’t think he has to but its great to see it.

Knife raised, ready to protect his girl and she of course already took care of it herself but like I said,, he’s still gotta make sure she’‘s fine.

Cause it’s Carol and and she means more to him than anything remember? Yet another short yet very important example of that.

Many I do love my protective Daryl 😀

It may not be a huge scene but i’ll take it 🙂