I know I sound like a broken record here, but today has been a proof of how awesome we are. Quite literally a force to reckon with.

That was one heck of a fight. I mean, had radiotimesonline​ not been slashing our hardwork mercilessly just a few hours ahead of the end, we know we would have been the winners. And, in a way, we actually are the heroes of the day.

Bloodthirsty, mighty,mighty kinglets. Take a moment to applaud yourselves. 

Here’s one for all of us!


yeah, even though I voted and urged people to vote, I’ve never had any respect for any of  Radiotimes polls, they allow botting to go on and have no security put in- last years infamous Adric proven botted win- they bragged about it, just like some Rose shippers did here on Tumblr this year and Radiotimes has done nothing. In contrast BBC America put in a security step as soon as they were notified of botting and that stopped the botting. And look who won fairly in last years Anglophenia poll by honest record breaking numbers- Alex.

We all know it should have been River Song vs Captain Jack on Radiotimes poll. I’ve seen it in fandom numbers even in cosplayers at conventions, Captain Jack is the male non Doctor character that you see the most cosplayers of.