Chris Hardwick: “What did you think when Tobin said that Carol was a mom to everyone in Alexandria?”

Ross Marquand: “I think that’s a pretty inaccurate statement. I don’t know, I think that she’s had to put on that face, she’s put on that veil for a while to kind of gain favour and also get into the mindset of the Alexandrian’s but ultimately I think she’s a very damaged person and you know she’s nurturing to a point but she’s also dealing with her own demons. I think moving forward, I think that’s why she’s compiling this is list….
You know she’s realizing oh my gosh I’ve really killed a lot of people.”

Chris Hardwick: “It is interesting to see that from her because she’s so, she’s so stone faced about it so much of the time but I love her character because I feel like Carol is whatever she needs to be to get stuff.”

March 6, 2016 – Talking Dead: Chris Hardwick and Ross Marquand

*Chris Hardwick LOVES Carol*

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