Hey everyone.

If suddenly my mattex fics have disappeared to you it is because they are locked so only AO3 users can see them right now. I refuse to delete these because i worked hard and they were for everyone to enjoy and I highly freaking doubt that Alex and/or Salome (especially salome) has never googled themselves and found them. I also doubt they care that they exist. Other actors are highly aware of fanfiction about them and most if not all think its pretty awesome/funny/flattering in ways……… So my work will be locked for a bit but not deleted. I will also continue writing because I predict in a week (if not just a couple days) people will be pissed at themselves for deleting all their work

Anyway please for the love of Alex Kingston do not harass her or her daughter. We are crazy but we should not be that crazy.

This is the best solution I’ve seen. They would NEVER get an account. And if they’re locked to users only I assume they won’t show up when searched for unless you log in? So yeah, instead of deleting your lovely work, just do this if you’re worried!