Caryl in details


Can we please take a minute to look at this gif?


[.gif not mine, credits to the maker]

She’s literally running to search for Daryl, before checking on anyone ese. She was waiting for him to come back more than anyone else. She cares about everyone in the group and she would check on every single one of them, but look how panicked she actually is. It’s completely normal to worry when a group comes back from a run, but there’s a difference between worrying and worrying. She didn’t know anything before checking; he could have been in the car picking up his stuff or whatever, he could have been somewhere else or he could be on his way back home with another vehicle, she didn’t know. But she ran straight to the car anyway, she ran for him. She didn’t say or ask anything to the others, she checked by herself without any hesitation.

There were quite a few people on this run, the car was full. Plus, it must have been hard to see the inside of the car from the distance, which means that when the group drove past her, she immediately checked if he was here before the car even came to a stop. She noticed right away that he wasn’t there, so she started panicking and ran to the car. And should I remind you that she was about to have a freaking stroke/panick attack when Rick came to talk to her because she thought that something had happened to him, and her whole world was about to collapse.

This is not the reaction of someone who’s just making sure everyone is alright; this is the reaction of someone who fears for the life of someone that is extremely special to them. “I can’t lose you too”; those were not idle words. She needs him, she needs her person.

Look at her face, look at the way her expression fades when she realizes he isn’t back, and tell me that this isn’t love.