Caryl: Even Morgan Knows


was trying to get Carol to listen to him. He was trying to get her
attention. The most plausible way to do that would be by mentioning
someone who is very important to her – someone he knows she loves.

obviously knew about the Tobin factor. He witnessed Carol sitting on
his porch and he’s most likely seen her kiss Tobin before. Morgan
knew that there was something between Carol and Tobin – but he did
not consider that something to be of any significance.

could have brought up Tobin. He could have said, “Tobin is very
worried about you, he cares about you”. But instead, Morgan opts to
not even say Tobin’s name. Not once. Instead, he says Daryl’s

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could have said, “Daryl, Glenn, Michonne are gone”. But Morgan
says Daryl’s name, and he pauses for quite a long time before he
adds “some of the others” – as though he’s waiting for the
mention of Daryl to catch Carol’s attention.

has been with the group for about two months. And in those short two
months – even with the fact that Carol and Daryl have perhaps
“drifted apart” a bit during this time – Morgan has picked up
on the bond that these two share.
He’s seen them interacting at some
point, and by that he has gauged that they love each other. Morgan
has seen Carol with Tobin, and he’s seen Carol with Daryl – and
he’s seen the difference
. He knows that it’s Daryl who truly means a
lot to Carol.

he chooses to say Daryl’s name in attempt to get Carol’s attention
(and it works), because he knows that the mention of the person who
means the most to Carol is his best bet.

like Glenn asking this question,

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up Carol specifically in attempt to convince Daryl to come back to
the prison. 

Glenn used the Carol factor because he knew that Daryl
loves her. 

Morgan used the Daryl factor because he knew that Carol
loves him.

not just something that’s obvious to us. Observers and members of TF
have seen Carol and Daryl interacting, seen the moments they share
and seen the way they look at each other. And from that, they see
that Carol loves Daryl, and Daryl loves Carol.
People are still
acknowledging this, and therefore it is still real.