Daryl never hugged anyone until Beth. 


Daryl never hugged anyone until Beth. 

Fixed it.

He didn’t hug Beth. She hugged him. Never has he approached Beth and told her to come on in here for a hug.

I feel like she TRIED IT!!! But where are the reciepts?!?!?

There are no receipts because THERE ARE NO RETURNS.

Beth ran up on Daryl twice and twice he stood there like a log.

Now if I were to get mathematical:

2 times Beth hugged Daryl x 0 times Daryl reciprocated said hug= 0 times Daryl hugged Beth.

2 times Daryl hugged Caryl x 2 times Carol reciprocated said hug = 4 real don’t try to come at Caryl again.

OP apparently clarified that it wasn’t that Daryl hugged Beth, it was that because of Beth, Daryl opened up and was able to hug Carol.

Because any sort of emotional output Daryl will ever have after hanging out with Beth for a couple of days in s4 is because of her. Daryl showed no comfort with his family before then, showed no affection for anyone, showed no character growth until his magical time with Beth. Therefore, any moment that we get? Well let’s undermine it with making it about Beth when fuck off, it’s about Daryl.

The arrogance and the complete dismissal of how much Daryl changed and developed ON HIS OWN is one of the many reasons I abhor these little fans.



i’m laughing becaue Bethylers always claim Beth and Daryl didn’t get a “real reunion” on Coda because they were in a dangerous situation.

But besides the fact Beth hugged Noah for a long while and got a kiss from Rick on the side of the head during the trade now Daryl has had TWO “reunions” with Carol where they were in a dangerous situation and during No Sanctuary he had time to hug her like 4 times,hold her close,pick her up,spin her around,smile and lean against her shoulder. During The Same Boat they were inside the place they were being kept and he still had time to ask her if she was okay more than once, look her over,touch her chin,tell her to “come here” and hold her….Being directly paralleled to Glenn and Maggie reuniting.

I don’t know but I think that’s how you act when someone you love is out of danger and you missed them….Now compare that to the shoulder pat.

That’s why I love you @teamcarolbitch
Perfect answer ??

All this!!!!