anyway, can we discuss how good melissa looked in last night’s episode?!


she looked amazing, anon, and i’m not just talking about her attire (which was on point btw) or how easy on the eyes she is.

you know, melissa is a… rare talent. i think that’s the best way to put it. she’s so good that everytime she’s on screen it doesn’t feel like i’m watching an actor deliver a performance, it doesn’t even feel like she’s an actor at all – it feels like she is carol. carol, a woman who endured years of abuse and much like the proverbial phoenix rose from her own ashes. a woman who has discovered and embraced her strenghts but still can’t accept her own weaknesses. a woman who’s incredibly vulnerable yet a warrior through and through. a woman who doesn’t want any more blood on her hands but knows that, in the world they live in, no one’s hands are clean.

if you watch melissa closely in this last episode, her facial expressions, her whole demeanor are so revealing of the inner struggle carol is facing. her acting is just raw and effortless and it’s a pleasure to watch really.