AMC struggles to get their caryl message across

Here’s the thing… If AMC is hell bent on putting Carol together with Zeke for all of time and proving that Caryl is just platonic, then whoever was directing the episode of the recent sneak peak would have gone up to Norman and Mellisa and been all like..

“Um Miss McBride we are going to need you to untangle yourself from Norman’s arm there. We need you to keep the snuggling like happy kittens to a minimum because we are proving to our audience that you two are not desperately and secretly in love. And Norman we need you to watch that little tick you get at the side of your mouth whenever Mellisa gets too close to you. That shit has been going on since season 2 and it is confusing the audience and taking away from the plantonic vibe man. You guys got it? This just a BBF talk nothing more.”

Ok let try another take..

“Fuck, Cut! “ Norman for God sake look happy for her. You’re happy for her dude!! You look like you swallowed broken glass!

Ok again..

CUT!!! Mellisa “Pookie” is not in the script. Best friends don’t call one another their “Pookie” let’s stick to the script which has been written in a clear and unambiguous manner depicting that you two are just bros

Ok again…

Oh fuck me “CUT!”