Yeah , but homie, look at Richard’s face when he realizes Daryl ain’t fucking around about Carol. Empathy. He looks empathetic and understanding that Carol means something to Daryl and nothing not even saving the lives of others matters. Richard had obviously lost his family and now he’s got a grudge to settle. And he thought that was Daryl too until he saw his face upon finding out it’s Carol and his reaction. That’s why he said he would die for the kingdom. To let Daryl know he’d make the ultimate sacrifice for the Kingdom to survive.

But Daryl ain’t hearing that though because he won’t ever sacrifice Carol. A nameless faceless person, yep. Random people they just met? Sure. His family that want to fight against the saviors? Their choice. But Carol. Naw. Nope. No thanks. The fuck you think? Richard saw it. His eyes said everything. His posture changed and he looked defeated because he knew Daryl wasn’t like him. He had something to lose. If fucking bum ass Richard can see it, Why can’t others?