Even when she says she’s getting married, he says, ‘Man, that guy is corny, but if you’re happy, I’m happy too.’ That’s a maturity that Daryl hasn’t had in previous seasons. Possibly before that, he might have been like, ‘I’m going to kill this guy when she’s not looking!’

Norman Reedus…….. So in summary: Daryl wants to kill Ezekiel for stealing his girl, but he’s “matured” so he won’t do it?

I don’t see that [Carol and Daryl] is not happening anyway. They are what they are. Whether I say she’s pining for him, whether I say he has secret feelings, whether I say they’re just best friend, whether I say they already did have something. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter for them… whatever they are they have each other’s backs, they trust each other more than probably anyone else in their lives. It’s come as you are. They meet each other where they’re at and it’s been that way since I’ve started having to discuss them. That they’re each other’s breathing room. They’re resuscitators. They’re best friends. […] I want to see it from where the fans are. Sometimes I get that glimpse, like I understand it as a viewer. I don’t know what else to say. They have a beautiful relationship.

Melissa McBride admitting that she sees the romatic connection between Caryl that the viewers see. “I want to see it from where the fans are. Sometimes I get that glimpse, like I understand it as a viewer.“

There’s such a deep, special place in my heart for Carol and Daryl. They’ve come such a long way together and through some very similar histories… just watching them both struggle on their own, even as a viewer, with what they’ve had to go through and how Daryl is coping with this world, coping with himself and getting closer to other people. I love his character and in the story, there’s such a deep place in Carol’s heart for him for all those reasons – and of course, I love working with Norman.

Melissa McBride, amc.com (Mar/2017)

Carol definitely has a unique connection with both Daryl and Morgan. What’s it been like creating those relationships with Lennie and Norman over the years?

I think that Daryl needed that hug more. It was just a very, very dangerous task that he was going off on – that everyone was going off on, and also it may be the last time that the two of them see each other. And he’s the closest to her I think that any of them are. […] You know it was great shooting that scene – hugging him – just because of the shoulder pads. All the gear and everything, and he’s sitting on the bike, so it was kind of hard to maneuver it without maybe smacking myself or him in the face.

Melissa McBride, Talking Dead 7×01: “Episode 801 Mercy” (22/Oct/2017)

Probably Carol. And for reasons I think you’ll probably understand through this season [2]. And I just like her as an actress. And I think she does such a good job bringing so much emotion and pain to her role that it’s super interesting for me.

Norman Reedus, ZomBcon interview (21-23/Oct/2011)

Other than your own character, who would you say is your favorite character on the show?