How does Daryl feel about Carol and Ezekiel?

Norman: Well I remember… you know I liked the fact that Greg had me shoot… the first… ’cause you know it’s me saving the guy that’s going with the girl…
Greg: Yeah.
Norman: But I will say that when we were shooting it and they’re all kissing and stuff, I was kinda like ‘dude this is like forever’. You know?
Greg: I thought you were just gonna walk up and push him back in.
Norman: Yeah. Yeah!
Chris: Or just Daryl’s off the side going ‘WE GET IT!!’
Norman: Yeah yeah yeah! I.. I did, I was very uncomfortable with it…
Jeffrey: I remember when the script came out Norman called and he’s like ‘maaan… not happy’.
Norman: Yeah.

Melissa McBride on The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Carol (18/Apr/2016)

Greg Braxton: Carol and Daryl. That is an obsession with a lot of –
Melissa McBride: It is!
GB: Yeah, um. What do you think it – the chemistry there. Some kind of romantic –
MMB: There’s no denying that there is chemistry there. You Know, I love Norman. I love –
GB: Is it romantic?
MMB: I can’t say because the writers haven’t given this to us. They are – they are peers. I can say that. They’re peers, and they have an amazing, wonderful relationship bond. How they identify with one an other, the room that they give one another, and you know, just the kind of side-by-side journey they are going on each in their own little realm, you know, is – is kind of a mirror reflection right now. And it’s going to be interesting in season seven to see how these characters, you know, alone deal with the situations that they’re in. But, you know, as far as what is the relationship? It’s just Daryl and Carol. I just – I can’t tell you, you know. It has not been written, and we just – you know, I love working with Norman, so – and there’s chemistry there.
GB: It’s electric.
MMB: The scenes are fun. He’s fun to work with. And those two characters, I just – I adore them. I adore them for their pasts. I adore them for you know how they’ve come together and walked this apocalypse together. And it’s just this – there’s a sweetness there that’s undeniable.
GB: Carol really helped improve Daryl – really, really helped him discover his own humanity.
MMB: I think it goes both ways and I think, you know, everybody in this group has helped each other. You know, we bounce off of each other in this group and the situations that arise out of each others desires and stories and struggles is, you know, always forming and changing the other characters around them.

The Walking Dead at Paleyfest (17/Mar/2017)

Greg Braxton: One of the high-points of this season was your reunion with Daryl.
Studio Audience: *cheers & shouts*
GB: What is it about you and Norman that clicks with – why do you think that people really see them –
SA: *interrupts with more cheers*
Melissa McBride: You know what? I have no idea!
SA: *laughter*
MMB: I have no idea. Norman and I have a good time together, too. And –
SA: *wild cheering*
MMB: *eyeroll & smile* Stop it.
SA: *still more cheers*

Dish Nation Paleyfest Red Carpet (03/Apr/2017)

Chuey Martinez: Fans want the love connection: Carol and Daryl. It even rhymes. Is that ever gonna happen, Melissa?
Melissa McBride: I have no idea. Honestly, I don’t know.
CM: Breakin’ my heart!
MMB: That’s the answer. Don’t be heartbroken because I never said it wouldn’t. I just said “I don’t know.” I really don’t know.
CM: I love the show.
MMB: There are a lot of Carol/Daryl fans. I am aware. I am well aware. Believe me, I know.

UPI Spotlight: Melissa McBride (12/Feb/2016)

Karen Butler: Do you get why so many fans are hoping for a Carol and Daryl romance?
Melissa McBride: They do have a chemistry. They have a natural bond. They share similarities from where they came from. … It’s obvious. It’s in the words. It’s in the scenes that they play out. Also, there’s the chemistry that a portion of the audience resonates with and I think they want it solidified, what they imagine in their minds to be or hope for. They would like that to be solidified somehow in a more tangible way or in a way that’s more evident.
KB: There’s something to be said for a slow boil…
MMB: For some. And, for others, it’s frustrating, but that is the nature of storytelling. They’re feeling something and they want something and they anticipate something and sometimes it happens when you turn the page and sometimes you turn the page and it didn’t happen. I don’t know what the answer is. It hasn’t happened, but that is the nature of storytelling and entertaining and one’s imagination and it’s very different for everyone how to interpret things. And that’s, I think, the beauty of it all.

9pm: “I’m going to bed now.”
10pm: “I’m going to bed now.”
11pm: “I’m going to bed now.”
12am: “I’m going to bed now.”
1am: “I’m going to bed now.”
2am: “I’m going to bed now.”
3am: “FUCK.”
4am: “FUCK.”
5am: “OKAY.”


me, in the year 2040, getting ready for a fancy dinner party, standing in front of my antique gold vanity mirror, wearing a saint laurent f/w 2039 evening gown and cartier diamond earrings, taking a sip of champagne: what did you learn at school today, honey? 🙂
my future child, laying on my king-sized bed with burgundy satin sheets: not much, in history we talked about the 2016 election. do you remember any of that?
me: drops my crystalline wineglass