TWD Season 6 CARYL Caryllels


TWD Season 6 might have been lacking in CARYL screen time and direct interaction but canonically speaking the BIG aspects of Carol and Daryl’s stories have been running parallel to each other for some time now.
Their experiences in Season 6 might have been separate and independent in nature but when you take a look at the big picture you’ll notice that there’s a lot more ‘togetherness’ woven throughout the narrative than we originally thought.
These connections and overlap increase the chances of a more cohesive relationship between Carol and Daryl in the future simply because the things they are going through alone are all things the other would understand and in turn know how to influence in a positive manner. 

Relationships 1.0;


Alexandria got both Carol and Daryl friendships they didn’t necesserily want to have or seek out on their own.


Denise told Daryl that sometimes he makes her “feel safe”.
Sam followed Carol around because he believed she was strong and could protect him.


Denise asked Daryl for POP.

Sam asked Carol for COOKIES.


Minutes before her death Denise recovered POP from a cooler.
After his death Carol left cookies from a Tupperware container on Sams grave.


Both friendships ended with a death that some perceived was in one way or another, partially caused through the interactions the victim had with Daryl and Carol.
Carol’s words of warning to Sam contributed to him freezing up in the middle of the herd.
Daryl’s crossbow killed Denise because he had initially trusted Dwight and hadn’t killed him when he thought he had a chance to do so.

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they know people visit the set and take pictures of the cast during filming….they know they have to produce a trailer, which now i guess can only show rick, carl, and those back at alexandria….they know that critics ripped them to shreds for drawing out the glenn dumpster situation for three weeks….and they still decided this was a good idea….