The Matt and Alex FIles


Quote Masterpost (I know there are heaps more but its a start!)

Quotes taken from Interviews, magazines, books, cons and Confidential.


Matt Smith: “Kissing Alex is bliss. She can kiss. And she smells nice.”

Alex Kingston: “I could kiss him some more, I tell you.”

Alex Kingston: “It was a pretty good kiss though. If that’s how robot’s kiss. If that’s’ how Tesselecta’s kiss I’m all for it.”

Matt Smith: My favourite kisser? It’s got to be Alex, she’s got those wonderful lips…ah the Kingston…and she makes me laugh as well.”

Alex Kingston: He didn’t know that story (about biting an overzealous actor’s tongue during a kissing scene onstage) I bet he kisses differently now.


Alex: “Ooh I could just kiss you all night.

Matt: (in reply) And I you, Ms Kingston. What a lucky boy I am.”


Alex Kingston: “Oh, it’s a big deal. I think the fans have been ok. But um, I think I have to be quite delicate about it because ultimately it is a children’s show.

Rob Lowe: No tongues?

(Alex gives a look )

Rob Lowe (knowingly) Oh, Oh tongues.”


Con Question: How many times have you actually kissed Matt Smith?

Alex: Onscreen or off? I’m just kidding.


Alex Kingston: (On slapping over kissing Matt) “Actually that’s quite a difficult one. I had to slap him many times and his cheek was getting redder and redder and he was getting actually irritated. (Looking at Matt) You got quite angry. You lost your sense of humour, I think, after five or something. I don’t pull my punches.”

Matt: “Alex…she’s pretending to hit me.”

Alex: “But the kiss was nice too. I didn’t have to kiss him so many times as I had to slap him. But they’re both fun. I quite like slapping.”


Alex Kingston: “…I’ve gotten to know Matt a lot better and I absolutely adore him. And you know, I love Karen and Arthur. They’re such a great team, but I would have to say Matt. I love him; I love him.”

Matt Smith: “I’m really possessive over Alex.

Matt Smith: She’s a delight. She’s been a really big part of my journey on this show, personally and as a character.”

Alex Kingston: I’d love to be a companion to him (Matt’s Doctor). He’s a wonderful actor to work with, he’s got boundless energy and enthusiasm and has a great sense of humour and working with him is terrific.”

Alex Kingston: “Matt’s got great butt cheeks.”

Alex Kingston: “We accept older men with younger women so why not the other way round?”

Matt Smith: “She’s a dream.”

Matt Smith “… but I will tell you that Alex is a dream to work with. She’s a regular now. She’s part of “Team TARDIS”, as we like to call it, rather smugly. I think Steven basically re-enacts his fantasies through Alex. He gives her the best exits and entrances, and great one-liners. She is a firecracker for sure. I simply love River Song. I’m hugely fond of her ….”

Matt Smith: “Well it’s very easy to develop chemistry with Alex Kingston because she’s such a pro.”

Matt Smith: I’m incredibly fond of her.


Interviewer: Would you ever pose naked with a Dalek? In case you’re thinking that’s a sexist question, I’d like to point out that I asked Matt the same thing.

Alex: Did Matt say yes?


Alex Kingston: (on Demon’s Run set when not required to shoot- To Matt) “How’s it going?”

Matt: “It’s all about the hair. Surprised?”

Alex: “Beautiful.”



Alex Kingston: “Matt managed to flirt perfectly well with the eye patch and he can carry on as long as he likes!”

Matt Smith: “We love Alex Kinston…She’s just a dream. She’s the nicest and most flirtatious woman on the entire planet. I mean she could flirt with a fish.”

Alex Kingston: “It’s very easy to flirt with Matt because he’s flirty too.”

Brilliant Book (To Alex): What’s flirting with the Doctor like?

Alex: Matt’s Doctor will flirt with anyone. That’s part of Matt’s personality. He’s quite sparkly…It’s almost like the Doctor at –what is he? 950 years old-has finally hit puberty. Steven is very careful about the actual level of flirtatiousness.

Brilliant Book (To Matt): In Alex’s interview she points out that your Doctor will flirt with anyone.

Matt: (Laughs) Did she now? As characters, I think that’s true. Alex is a wonderful flirt. We’re really good friends so that helps. Steven once said to me that it’s better if you don’t flirt off set, because it means you can flirt on set.”


Alex: Matt, he’s really, he is a great guy. He’s incredibly mature. He loves people. He loves women, and he’s really comfortable with women irrespective of age. Our head of make-up, hair and make-up department, Babs, she’s in her 70’s and he flirts with her like she’s 16, 17.”


Alex: “And Matt was so taken with my shoes that he asked to keep a pair. He said that he wanted to keep them on the TARDIS, and you know- that there would be a shoe on the TARDIS always. But I secretly think that he goes and puts them on…”

Alex: Matt’s got them. He kept them, not for himself personally but they’re around because he wanted them to be on the set of the TARDIS for evermore. I think secretly he does want to try them on. They’re a killer to walk in, is all I can say.”


Alex Kingston: …It was the first intimate moment we had. And I kneed him in the nuts and I thought, ‘we’ll be firm friends.’”

Matt Smith: “Nearly had me knackers!”

Alex Kingston: “We really bonded fast”


Alex: “Actually, one of the really funny moments was the very first… Was it the first scene I did with Matt? No, actually it was the very last scene of the first episode I did with Matt. Where River Song escaped from the spaceship and she flies through space and lands in the TARDIS, and lands on top of The Doctor. And, uhm, I didn’t know Matt very well then. And we really bonded fast. [laughs] He was great, actually. He didn’t mind me being on top of him over and over again. But it took a lot not to laugh, it actually took quite a lot of time to shoot that moment, because, uhm yeah, my knees would get into places they weren’t supposed to be.”

Interviewer: “I’ve heard a rumour that it actually Matt’s idea that you fell.”

Alex: “Was it?”


Matt: “I’m sort of leaning out like this, and then she’s thrust at great speed, sort of into me. Then lands pretty much directly on top of me.”

Alex: “Matt was standing there and I sort of just had to throw myself at him and we both had to collapse onto the floor.”

Matt: “She would try to land as uhm, politely as possible.”

Alex: “And I know that a couple of times I absolutely did knee Matt in the goolies.”

Matt: “Her knee would sort of go where the sun doesn’t shine, as it were, can we say that? Ah, and we’d laugh, greatly.”


Steven Moffat: Matt (Smith) and Alex (Kingston) are gorgeous together.

People make up their own theories, uhh, about what is, or is not in the special, and then make a YouTube film about how angry they are about their own theory. If you’re ever bored of an evening I recommend it as a form of self entertainment.

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