Paula: This was an amazing journey. I know you love the word ‘journey’.

Simon: Love the word ‘journey’.

I didn’t feel emotional about Idol ending, it was bc I knew it was the last time I’d see Simon and Paula together on screen again.

How do they manage to always surprise each other on special life events? I can’t even.


you know you ship Mattex harder than any other ship when you’re outraged and heartbroken that Matt appears to be getting with someone else :/

I knew I shipped them, but the news about Matt and Daisy (possibly) being back together revealed just how damn much I actually do. Mattex, Saula and Colly Flurs ALL the way. :’(

Saula fans reaction to every little Saula thing…


In a different room and hear BOTH of their names in one sentence on the TV:

Saula sitting next to eachother:

The loving looks towards eachother:

The Flirting:

When they make a sex joke:

THEY TOTALLY DID IT LAST NIGHT…or this morning… or five minutes ago…

‘Secretly’ holding hands under the table:

The bantering:


When he tickles her:

When they hug:

When they kiss:

When they mention the other in a interview:

When he called her his soulmate/they say they love eachother:

Waiting around for X-Factor:

When somebody calls us ‘obsessive freaks that need a life’: