OK, so here’s what I don’t get: People are crediting Salomé for the part of Ella Greene in “On the beach”… When/where/how did that rumor start? Has Alex ever confirmed it? I saw that it’s even on IMDB now. I’m not sure about it to be honest. Does the blonde child with straight hair look the same as the brown haired child with curls to y’all? lol. They don’t to me, but I could be wrong – that’s why I’m asking 😀

Wait, so it’s Salomé, not Salome? That’s actually news to me (though not surprising). It’s always been written Salome everywhere in articles etc. hasn’t it? (And yes, the difference matters. If someone misspelled my name all the time I’d be pissed. LOL.)

Actually, thinking about it, people do misspell my name all the time and it does piss me off. lol!


Behind the scenes with Alex Kingston (and the rest of the Doctor Who cast) in The Time of Angels.

Favorite comment Alex makes on this video about flying on wires: “Oh, I’m definitely doing that! Oh my God! It’s like Tinkerbell!

Alex seems so much fun in front and behind the camera.

7:42 – I love that she says “Hello Doctor” and not “Hello Matt”. Adorable!