PR Wife
To those who agree with Cookie, there is one rule you never EVER break in Hollywood. Never talk shit about your fans. EVER. It reflects very badly on you. Is it a double standard because fans say whatever they want? Yes and no. Fans fund the lavish lifestyles of these celebrities. It’s a payoff. You don’t have to like it but actors know it’s very dangerous territory to walk on when you say things about fans. Not just actors really, all of Hollywood knows this. You have to be above it. I know some of the hate is extreme. I’ve seen it and shake my head but it’s par for the course. The other side of it is that you get to life that is out of reach for most of us and do things most people can’t even fathom. But that comes from fans who support you. You don’t disrespect those who have helped make you who you are. It’s really PR 101. I’m shocked he did that. Beyond shocked actually. He put Norman and his cast mates is a very delicate position.