OMG Melissa in the new video XD

When it starts she’s saying “Can you stop him” and then gives the most *OMG I’m so done*-look to Norman I’ve ever seen. Watch the first 2-3 seconds on repeat and you’ll hear & see it. LMAO. Clearly she’s not amused by Norman pretending to hang himself.



No joke, Andy’s little song, and now Melissa and Norman’s posts here got me feeling way more genuine sadness about Chandler leaving than the show actually showing me Carl’s death.  Because this is a ‘real loss’ for them.  Not a death obviously but going from eight seasons of spending six months out of the year together, to him going off on his own now, on the other side of the country, I’m sure it hurts.  Like your kid going off to college…except he’s not actually going to come home again ?

And here’s the link to the Andy thing, if you haven’t seen it: